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Traveling To Hawaii During A Pandemic - What You Need To Know

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

Everyone is in need of a little vacation right now. It's been quite a year. And a lot of travelers are gazing towards the tropical beaches of Hawaii. Follow these four steps to get you to Hawaii safely and keep this beautiful state open for all to enjoy.

Prior To Your Flight

1. Choose to Pre-Test or Quarantine

I know silly question, but you do have the option. Hawaii is offering travelers the option to pre-test prior to their flight as an alternative to the 10-day quarantine.

The pre-test for Covid-19 must be:

* Within 72-hours of your flight AND received before your flight

* Be performed by a testing partner

* The right type of test, NAAT (Nucleic Acid Amplification Test)

Children under 5 years old do not need to be tested, whew, take a deep breath you mamas with small toddlers. Costs are the traveler's responsibility so check with your insurance which lab will work best for you. If your flight is delayed by the airlines Hawaii will still accept your negative test results and you will not need to quarantine! Specific details can be found here.

The 10-day quarantine option (which I'm sure most visitors are not interested in) requires all travelers to stay in their hotel room for the full 10 days. Quarantine travelers are not allowed to rent a car or use ride sharing until their quarantine are complete. Travelers are not allowed to leave for any reason except to seek medical attention, this means you cant leave to get food either. But there are many options for delivery services on the island if you need to do this option. We like the Safeway grocery store & Target for quick delivery service needs.

Hawaii requires all travelers to fill out a straight forward digital form before their flight called Safe Travels. This has greatly improved airport processing times from the original paper method. Getting you to paradise quicker!

Each adult needs to fill out their own form. There will be a place to add your children's information onto the adult form.

The form will ask you to:

* Create a log-in

* Enter your basic contact information

* Verify your phone number

* Verify your email

This is to ensure that the Hawaiian authorities have accurate ways to contact you during your visit for your safety.

3. Enter Your Trip Information

You will then have to add in your trip information, under the Trips tab. This information includes the airlines you will be flying with, the flight number and where you will be staying for the duration of your trip.

4. Fill Out The Digital Health Questionnaire

24-hours before your flight you will have to fill out the digital Health form. You will then be emailed a QR code to give to screening workers once you land.

Tip: Take a picture of the QR code with your cell phone to avoid the delay of pulling it up in your email once you land.

Also if you are doing the pre-test, you will have to upload your negative test results before your flight to Safe Travels. I also recommend bringing a printout of your results with you.

During Your Flight

Your airline will give you the Hawaii State Department of Agriculture required paper form to fill out prior to arrival. Check with your airline about specific onboard requirements distancing and masks. We brought food onboard but I was happy to see Hawaiian Airlines was still serving food onboard, great when you have little ones with you! They also handed us sanitizing wipes that we used on our trays and arm rests.

Once You Land

At the Airport

Thermal scans will observe passengers as they exit the plane. You will be led to a screening table where a worker will scan your QR code to verify all your forms are filled out and perform a temperature check.

Tip: If you're sitting towards the front of the plane you’ll end up exiting earlier and get through the screening tables quicker.

Lines can back up so expect to wait a little bit. Remember this is for your safety that everyone is checked in correctly. Keep your written negative Covid-19 test with you as most hotels and excursions require proof for their own records.

Note: Make sure to check the specific requirements for each island you plan to visit. For example, the Big Island of Hawaii is requiring a second rapid Covid-19 test upon arrival.

***Guidelines are constantly changing so please remember to check Hawaii’s State Website for up to date information.***

I know these steps may seem overwhelming at first, but the websites will walk you through the online process fairly easily. Hawaii has done a wonderful job at making this process as easy and as smooth as possible. They want tourists as much as you want to be sitting on a beach sipping a cool drink. I know it's been a time of uncertainty but when you are comfortable the islands are waiting for you to visit.

Aloha and Happy Travels,

Sunrise Voyagers



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